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The Gospel: Now in 3-D!

Before reading this post make sure you have read the last one, as it explains what the purpose of this one is and how to apply it. Like I said previously, before you can apply the Gospel in your life and begin using it, you must first understand what it is. As usual, I will say I am guilty as charged, but God really opened my eyes to an easy way to comprehend the Gospel, and its in 3-D!

So what do I mean by a 3-D gospel? Well there are three dimensions that we can view the Gospel from that make it easier for us to understand. If we can understand these three dimensions and have a balance of each in our own life, then we will be more effective at sharing it, spreading it, and living it.

1.) The first dimension of the Gospel is the theological aspect of it. This is an area where most of us are either really focused on, or really lacking in. The people who are really focused on this dimension, and forget about all the others like to throw scripture at you about everything and spend 95% of their life discussing and debating scripture. This is a waste of time, because we could be spending time furthering God’s kingdom rather than arguing over the Bible. However, the people who are really lacking in this area (i.e. myself), do not have the means to back the Gospel we are supposed to be spreading with scripture.

2.) The second dimension of the Gospel is the personal aspect. The gospel is supposed to change us personally. Christ died to CHANGE us. We should focus on the gospel in our personal life, to grow and shape us. However, if we become focused on the personal dimension of the Gospel, then we become self-centered and worried more about ourselves than the people around us. But, if the Gospel is not growing you and changing you, then you are missing a crucial part of Christ’s sacrifice for you.

3.) The third dimension of the Gospel is the social dimension. If we have recieved the mercy of God in our own lives, then we are to EXTEND that mercy to others instead of keeping it to ourselves. We are called to assist the widowed, the orphaned, and the oppressed. This is where service comes in. However, we should remember that we are not saved by works alone.

I believe that if we keep a BALANCE of these three dimensions in our life, then we can truly understand the Gospel and understand how to use it for the glory of God. My challenge to you (and myself) is to really dig deep into these three dimensions and see which ones you are lacking in, and which ones you are too strongly focused on.



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