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Sin: How much longer are you going to tolerate it?

Sorry for the long break from posting there guys. The test’s just attacked me this past week. Anyway, I wanna discuss sin tonight. This is a continuation of the previous post’s regarding the Gospel, and you will see why at the end. So make sure you have read those and understand them. To start off, let’s make something very clear first for those of us that do not already grasp this concept. We ALL sin. Every single person that has ever walked the face of this Earth (except Jesus Christ himself) has sinned. Don’t take my word for it, check out Romans 3:23. “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. We are broken and imperfect.

I think for this message to really mean something to you, you have to focus on what sins are controlling your life right now. I’m not talking about things like “I accidentally said a cuss word when I hit my hand two weeks ago.” or “I forgot to say my bedtime prayer last night, so Jesus is going to strike me down”. I am talking about sins that CONTROL you. The list is endless, but it could include things like lust, pornography, faithlessness, idolatry, worldly desires, alcoholism, drugs… I could go on all night. Find what it is in your life that you know is not right, yet you continue to do it and can’t seem to stop. Keep that in mind as we discuss sin.

If we have a small view of the sin in our lives (in other words we disregard it, and put it off as not that big of a deal), we basically are belittling the fact that Jesus Christ died on the cross. We make peace with our sin. It is almost as if we are saying Jesus Christ died on the cross for no reason, because my sin is not THAT big of a problem. However, we must remember also not to beat ourselves up constantly over the sin in our lives, because then we take the other extreme. If we are constantly mad at ourselves and beating ourselves up over the fact that we sinned, then it is as if we think that Jesus’s punishment was not enough. Why do we think we have to beat ourselves up for our sin, when Christ already took that punishment for us? We must take a midpoint of these two extremes and manage our hearts, so that we can manage our sin.

How can we manage our hearts, so that we can in-turn manage our sins? We have to figure out the root of our sin to take it out. We have to figure out the REASON we are sinning. It’s not enough to say “I struggle with pornography, so I need to keep myself from being on the computer as much”. Your computer is not causing you to sin. That bottle of Jim Beam ain’t MAKIN you drink it. That approach will leave us in a deadly cycle of always falling back into sin. Determine WHY you are sinning. When it comes down to it, the root of ALL sin is idolatry because if we were putting God first in our lives then everything else would fall into place. We would not sin to seek approval from others or from ourselves if God was truly #1 in our life, because if God was #1 then we would know he is ALL we need. Check out Collosians 2:20.

In summary, the only way to eliminate the sin that is controlling your life and destroying you from the inside out is to focus your heart on God. Make HIM #1 instead of lust. Instead of alcohol. Instead of your own agenda and your own personal gain. Your sinful actions are changed through the INTERNAL change that God enacts in your heart. Those sinful actions (a.k.a. idols) must be removed, but what do you replace them with? You must fill that hole in your life that was previously being consumed by sin. What do we fill it with to ensure sin does not continue to reign in us? The Gospel! Now you see how the two are related. Replace sin with the Gospel. Hang out with Jesus more, and the by-product of that will be your sin fading away. My last, and very tough challenge to you tonight is this: How much longer are you going to make peace with your sin? When are you going to make the decision to make God the focus of your life, instead of sin?


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