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I have taken a whole new turn with this site since I first bought the domain in early 2009. The original concept for the site was a place to share photos with the friends and family. Then I decided to add a few files to help some fellow Aggies with a class or two. That was great for a while, except for the lack of time to take more pictures all the time. This lead to a rather uneventful web presence. So I decided to keep that original purpose going, but the main focus of this site has a completely new twist.

As a young Christian man, I am at a point in life where I am being prepared to take on the world that we live in today. God prepares all of us in this way, if we choose to accept his wisdom and grace. I am making that choice to accept his teachings and learn more and more about him and His Word. God teaches me new things everyday, but mainly speaks to me through bible studies, church sermons, and other such venues. So I have decided to take this knowledge that he gives me everyday, and document it for the purpose of sharing it with others and discussing it. Which brings me to my next point.

Every thing I will post on this site is strictly my interpretation/opinion of God’s word and teachings. I am not perfect, and am certainly not a bible scholar. So I encourage you guys to post comments on the blog to add to, or correct, the topic at hand. It would be an encouragment to me, and a service to others. I hope to keep everything directly centered around the Bible and what it has to say on the topic, which leads to the formal name of my blog. “Bible Blog”

My desire is that you will read my posts and learn something yourself from them. I also hope that I can hold myself accountable for keeping this updated at least 3 times a week, but keep in mind I am still an Engineering Student haha. Feel free to hold me accountable yourself if I have not updated in a while and ask me what is going on. You can contact me at

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