Null Pointer Man

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About Me

My name is Stephen J. Morrow. I am currently a Computer Engineering student at Texas A&M
University. I will be graduating in December of 2010. My hobbies and passions
include playing the guitar, listening to music, photography, and (obviously)
Website Development. I have recently become familiar with many web
designer essentials such as PHP, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, MySQL databases,
and standardized HTML coding. In addition to Website Development, I also
have a passion for IT related activities and computer maintenance. Finding
a solution to a problem is intriguing to me instead of being a chore.

Throughout my studies as a Computer Engineer, I have been introduced to
numerous fields in today’s technology. My relevant coursework includes:

  • Database Design and Implementation: Using UML to design databases and SQL/JSP to implement
  • Computer Architecture: MIPS assembly language usage and Verilog processor design
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Microcomputer Systems: Designed an automated ping-pong ball launcher using
    PSoC system from scratch

Work Experience

I have been incredibly blessed in my opportunies to further my professional career.
My first real job was being a Lifeguard at the Palestine YMCA where I grew up.
I did this for over 4 years, which allowed me to have great leadership opportunities
as a seasoned guard. My next real job was a huge leap from lifeguarding a local pool.
I actually took a semester off to go work for Walt Disney World in Orlando.
(On an internship, not just for fun)
Having been a guard for so long, I decided to try it out at Disney. Fortunately,
I only had to deal with that for a couple of weeks before I was promoted to
a “Professional Internship” as they call it to work with the Industrial
Engineering department on a new project they were rolling out to increase the
efficiency of the attractions in the Magic Kingdom. This was one of the single
greatest experiences of my whole life. I got to do real engineering work instead
of just watching a pool! I learned a ton that semester. Before I even had a chance to make
it back to College Station, a manager from the local Hewlett-Packard facility
gave me a call and offered me a job. It was another excellent opportunity,
so I took advantage of that as soon as I got back to Texas. Working at HP was
another excellent opportunity to grow and learn in my field of study. Here,
I did hard drive storage array software/hardware testing, which allowed me to
see what Computer Engineers actually do in the workplace.


My greatest accomplishment by far has been the development of a friend of mine’s
campaign website. Not only did I develop the website from scratch, but it also
allowed me to display some of my photographic talent. Almost all of the
photographs used on the site were taken by me.
Feel free to check it out at
. This site is the result of many hours of collaboration and
on-the-fly learning, but I think the final product turned out very well for my third
site to ever develop. My second site to ever develop was a organizational website
for my fraternity Beta Upsilon Chi. You can view it at
. Unfortunately, the glory of this site is hidden behind a member-only
login screen. These two sites express my abilities to develop aesthetically pleasing sites,
as well as functional web applications (although separate in these examples). You can also
see some of my photographs in my photos page on this site.

What can I do for you?

Well if you have read this far, I will assume you have viewed my previously developed
websites listed above. I can develop a website for you, fix your computer, or take your
wedding/graduation/senior photographs for you! Now that’s what I call diversity.
Just shoot me an email at
and I will be happy to serve you in any way I can.

What’s next?

I will be graduating in December 2010, at which point I plan on pursuing a career in
the IT field. I hope to end up at either Disney or HP again after graduation,
but I will accept whatever opportunity God sends my way with open arms and ambition.

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